sprayseed label activityWe endeavour to make our  chemical training learning clear, concise, fun and engaging so it is not a drag to complete.  You may as well enjoy this as much as possible, as you have to complete it anyway.

Here are a few examples of engaging chemical training activities within our courses, which support our traditional "Lessons"

1. Chemical labels

In this chemical training activity, you navigate around a chemical label which explains the main points of information the chemical label.

2. Hierarchy of controls

This is a light hearted chemical training activity, showing the options to "Control Risks" associated with making a cup of coffee (we think you might be able to then apply this to your chemical handling as well)

3. Safe Chemical storage

Work your way through a safe chemical storage area.

safe chemical storage

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The course is fully supported online and accredited by  TAFESA in South Australia and SpraySmart in other states.

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