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    We know that it is tricky to work out all the different ways to create accounts online, so we have a few tutorials and "HELP" pages to guide you through setting up an account and getting into the Chemical Safety course.

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    • 2) How the course works

      Here are a few tips on how the course works, navigation and how to keep a track of where you are up to.

    • 3) Course completion and getting your certificate

      Once you have successfully completed all of the Learning and Quizzes with a pass mark of 100%,  and your enrolment form is received by us (this is a link at the top of the course), you will then be eligible to receive your AQT-3 Certificate of Competency from  the nominated RTO in your state.

      Your certificate of competency will be posted within a few days of you completing the course.

      If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

      • 4) Student Information

      • 5) Getting HELP


        We know that using online learning is not always the simplest thing to do, so how can you get help to make your learning valuable and fun?

      • 6) About the two courses

        There are two options within the Chemlearn site, that you can choose from,

        1. Re Accreditation - Chemical Safety course AQF 3 (approximately 8 hours study)

        This course is for users who already have a "Chemical Accreditation" card or competency (and can give us the number and name of the provider they received it from).  It does not matter who you received it from, as long as you have one that is in date.

        Usually after 5 years of their original accreditation, a re accreditation is required by state authorities.

        2. Full Accreditation - Chemical Safety course AQF 3  (approximately 16 hours study)

        This course is for new users, who have not completed any "Chemical Accreditation" course previously.

        The following areas are covered completely in this course.

        Incorporating AQF 2 - Chemical Awareness;

            AHCCHM101 - Follow basic chemical safety rules

            AHCCHM201 - Apply chemicals under supervision

        and AQF 3 - Chemical Accreditation;

            AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals

            AHCCHM304 Transport, handle and store chemicals